About Sculpture Services

Incredible Sculptures‘ is a creative inception by Mrs.Poonam S Kohli who perceives sculpting as a three- dimensional art form that involves conceiving and creating in various mediums like stone, metal and wood.

Evolved as a contemporary sculpture artist, Mrs. Poonam S Kohli is yet a profound aficionado for all kinds of traditional art of sculpturing and since her passion itself is his profession, his zealous attitude brings out the very best in each work she creats.

There are very few Indian Fiber Sculpture artists that are successful in holding the art’s essence in their works in true form. Fiber sculpturing is altogether a different art form and is based on perfection, delicacy and dedication. This form of sculpturing coming down from generations is all ‘all time cherished’ art and has won the hearts of zillions of admirers across the globe.

Fiberglass is a practically progressive material in the real world of home, nursery, or open space adornment. It is an extraordinary material that takes into consideration an a lot better rendering of statues and models. Truth be told, fiberglass models are beginning to turn out to be an incredible pattern in both inside and outside plan.

This liquid glass permits you, or your originator, to go wild on the creative mind and make designs that truly speak to you, or that can be a piece of a more extensive vision. It tends to be illustrative of your business, finish your nursery or porch, or remain as an a lot bigger urban image.

In any case, there’s simply a great deal more to be amped up for, and I’ve arranged 7 central reasons why you’ll adore it!

Fibreglass follows the shape and pattern of any mould perfectly, no matter how intricate the design, and no matter the size of the project. This is one of the prime reasons why it’s a great solution for creating sculptures.

This allows it to The first coat we apply to the mould, the gelcoat covers every nook and cranny of the mould without air bubbles forming and the final layers of glass matting and resin strengthen the finished piece. The end result is a perfect, full-bodied sculpture. The object then goes through sanding, polishing and painting, and it’s ready for display.